Juried Exhibition

Great news!!! One of my photos was selected to be a part of a juried abandoned photography exhibition in October at Mulberry Art Studios in Lancaster, PA!! The exhibition, called “States of Disrepair”, is being held by world-renowned abandoned photographer Matthew Christopher. It is a great honor and will be great to put on a … More Juried Exhibition

Lansdowne Theater

On April 15, 2016, we went to Lansdowne, PA, to shoot the abandoned Lansdowne Theater.  The Lansdowne Theater opened on June 1, 1927.   While the theater was primarily a movie house, it did host live performances on its stage.  Many people remember the famous Lansdowne Theater organ which originally accompanied silent movies and then was … More Lansdowne Theater

Trolley Graveyard

In April, I got a chance to go to the infamous “Trolley Graveyard”.  It’s exact location is a secret, but I can tell you that it is near Johnstown, PA.  Most people get access through renowned abandoned photographer Matthew Christopher, but one of the people in my DC Urban Exploration Meetup had a connection.  There … More Trolley Graveyard