You can learn a great deal about me through my art.

I was born in Huntsville, AL, and was raised in Virginia. I have also lived in North and South Carolina.

My love of art began in my freshman year at college, when I became moved by my roommate’s print of Salvador Dali’s “Sleep”. The surreal and stunning depiction of the subject made a strong impact on me. I began going to art museums and galleries, and took classes in art appreciation and history as part of my curriculum.

My love of abandoned photography began when I happened upon an abandoned house during one of my road trips. I was intrigued by the decaying building which was once alive with activity. I thought it was a metaphor for mortality and life. I snapped some photos with my Powershot, and I loved them. I began photographing other abandoned structures. I learned post-processing so that I could adjust the images from the camera to better represent what I had seen as I was taking the photograph.

I suffer from depression, and art is like therapy for me. When I am painting or working in photography, all of my cares are left behind. My overactive and concerned mind becomes quiet.

Fans and collectors of my work describe my painting as bursting alive with color. I often hear that each piece offers new things to discover with every viewing. My photographs have been featured in various media.

I continue to explore ways to increase my knowledge and expand my horizons. I take workshops and classes in abstract painting, drawing, and photography.

Art will continue to be my saving grace.