Waterside Woolen Mill

The following photos were taken at the Waterside Woolen Mill in Woodbury, PA.

The Waterside Woolen Mill is one of the oldest operating woolen mills is the USA.  The mill was built on land deeded by the heirs of William Penn to Abraham Oberholtzer in 1785.  In 1806 John Snider purchased the land and erected a mill on the banks of Yellow Creek.

The mill shut down in the 1960s but was reactivated in 1990 to manufacture traditional Pennsylvania wool blankets.  The equipment used in the mill dates from the latter 1800s to the early 1900s.  It includes several Compton& Knowles Looms dating from the 1870s.  The mill consists of a large three story building with attic.

buildingca raisinscaneyeletfull machinefull millgearshangingspoollardmachine with woolmachinemilloilpatentedpenispointsscaleshacksignsoft focusspindles with yarnspool with soft focusspoolsstrapssuspendedtagurinalwoolround


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